Insert brings file in at larger scale than original

While working on a project I needed to insert another file. The inserted file cones in quite huge. I have to rescale it toits original size. Am I missing something ? Thanks , Mark

Are the units in the two files the same? --Mitch

I need to check that. I always work in small objects in inches. That was a hunch I should have checked, thank you Mitch

Hi Mitch, This morning I. Made a object in V5 (small object inches) saved closed V5. Opened V6 created new file ( small objects inches) inserted fole from V5. Measured a circle from V5 . It was 4.5 inches. Measured same circle in V6 . It was .167" thanks Mark

Can’t seem to repeat that - I did what you did - created a 4.5" circle in an inches template in V5, and with Insert as individual objects in a new inches V6 file, scale uniform at 1, the circle comes in at 4.5"…


Hmmm, must be something I’m doing. Thanks for checking. —Mark

Hi Mitch, you had it right. Looked at doc properties and my inch template was in millmeters. Oops major slip there. Thank you, Mark

Hi Mitch, I had one more question if your willing. Where can I perminently fix inches into a inch template? The one that is on the splash screen says inches, but when I check it in doc properties it says millimeters. I then change it. Where can I save that so it doesnt need to be done each time.
I have a huge library of models I will need to convert so it matchs what I thought were inches. Ugggg
Thanks, Mark

Set up a file the way you want - units, tolerances, layers, dimension styles, anything that’s a file property that you want to have by default - then use “Save as template” from the file menu to save it. You can either overwrite the originals or create new ones. Then, if you have a preference for which template you want to use at startup, check “Use this template when Rhino starts” the first time you open it.


Thanks again, Mark