Insert Block Type not Sticky

In Rhino5 the setting for “block definition type” was sticky. In Rhino6 the setting reverts to “embedded” when launching Rhino. It’s a step backward for me,

Hello - that is fixed - I’m not sure off hand what build it was fixed in but I think Help > Check for updates will get you something that works - I’ll see if I can find the relevant bug report.

I cannot,- can you tell me what exact version (Service release) you are running? (Help > About Rhinoceros)


Sorry, I meant to include that. I think it’s the latest RC.

Version 6
(6.4.18093.10341, 4/3/2018)

Hello - yeah, that is the latest public one I think… I have 6.5 here and that Linked setting is remembered between Inserts.


By the way, this is getting really annoying. I get it when inserting blocks or pasting geometry from another instance… every time


Sounds good - Thanks!

Hello - Are there in fact name conflicts each time? Are you saying you’d like to be able to use whatever answer you choose indefinitely in the session, without being asked again?


There must be conflicts although I’ve never checked to see what they are. It’s just a new box to click away that didn’t exist with R5. I guess, if I could click it once and have Rhino remember forever what I want, that would work for me. Not sure if that would ruin somebody else’s day though…