Insert block error


See attached file.

When I place the block, the ‘R’, without rotation at the point all is good.
As soon as I use the rotation option from the _insert dialog the block is rotated around some other place.

Is this a bug or something I do not understand?


CP_Block_A.3dm (87.3 KB)

Rhino 5 SR9 RC1 Available
Rhino 5 SR8 RC1 Available
Insert block error 2
(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Charles- so far this seems OK here- the insertion point is right at the ‘R’ and if I ask for rotation it seems to rotate around this point… It looks like no rotation is visually rotated to 45 degrees, correct?



Hi Pascal,

see video.
I don’t get the rotation around the block insertion point.


CP_Block_A.mp4 (868.7 KB)

(Pascal Golay) #4

OK, I see it, thanks, I thought you were inserting the entire file you sent. Looks weird to me indeed… still poking.

It looks like it is rotating around the World 0,0,0, relative to the location you pick for insertion. That is, if you export the block, the resulting file’s World origin is located relative to the ‘R’ at what looks like the rotation point when you insert the block… very strange, I do not see a good reason for this yet, so I assume it is a bug.

Bug report :



(Brian Gillespie) #5

Is this a new bug, or has it been in Rhino 5 all along?


Don’t know how old this bug is.
In V4 it is ok.



Will it be fixed in SR8?

(Pascal Golay) #8

Hi Charles - it looks like it is not in SR8, but is high priority for SR 9…



Hi Pascal,

I must complain!

It is a major error in block handling.
And probably not a big deal to fix.

This bug is at least known since 6 weeks!

When will SR9 with the bug fixed come out?
What do we tell the customers in the meantime?