Inscribe a geometry inside an other according area

Hey Masters. I’ve been out of gh for a while and now I am trying to solve something that is probably very easy for you.
Let’s say I have this rectangle with a certain area.

I need to remove a portion of that area, let say a 30% but the location should be random taking in count that if I apply this to several cases every, one could result in something different.

I made one using this component SCALE TO AREA but the problem is that the portion that is removed is always very regular and also between different cases.

Also, if I change the origin point to a random one, there are cases where the scaled rectangle goes out of the general figure.

Is there any way to generate a random polygon inside an other according to a given area or a way to remove a portion following this same area?
if you could help me I would be really grateful!
thank you for reading me .

This should give you some versatility. It uses the `Minkowski Difference component from Clipper , which allows you to limit the region you can center the internal polygon in without hitting the outer rectangle… (BTW, connoting a problem as “very easy”, is probably not the best approach in seeking help.)

Remove (27.9 KB)

Thanks so much Ethan! I will try your definition right now!