[Inquiry] Sweep1 just turns green on me :(

Help please :slight_smile:

I’m trying to rebuild this interesting infinite loop structure by Hung-Yin (see link for more info). My problems is when using Grasshopper, despite all my attempts- the Sweep1 modifier still won’t work, the output preview only appears as highlited “green” curves whereas when using Sweep1 via command, it works well (please see screenshots comparison).
I hope by the end of the day, I can shout Eureka!

Thanks for the help!

Infinite Loop by Hung-Yin

Post your file. From your screenshot it looks like you don;t have anything plugged into sweep.

Thanks, here’s the Rhino 5 file and gh. In this file, the most recent curves and profiles is found at the very bottom part.

Sweep1 for infinite loop.gh (2.7 KB)

By the way, just additional inquiry related- I mentioned above that my sweep1 via command line works well but to be honest, it’s been trial and error because it’s unpredictably twisting between profile transition . I appreciate if you can shed some light on that twisting issue as well. [screenshot attached]

update: I found something that worked- called ggSweepProfile, it’s from BullAnt by Geometrygym. Looks cool, but I won’t shout Eureka yet. I will use this for now, just to finish something today. Although I would still appreciate it if anybody can still help answer my questions above about why the standard GH Sweep 1 isn’t working in my case, also the twisting issue on sweep1 command. Many Thanks!

Sweep1 for infinite loop_re.gh (8.2 KB)

Awesome! I’m looking at my work above with only one pathetic Sweep1 loaded Lol :smile: and compared to yours… now this is how to use grasshopper . Thanks so much!

Can you also upload the Rhino file you’ve used. Thanks!

You don’t need it. The geometry is internalized.