Inputs and Outputs are not updating manually in Human UI

Hi all, I have created a simple Human UI to calculate volume as output from three input sliders but unfortunately I am not able to manipulate sliders in Human UI, that is the first issue.

The second issue is, “Add Element” Component is Organe colored but I do not know why?

Can anyone help me with these issues? The screenshots and file are attached here.

Thanks (15.6 KB)

If you read the error message on the add elements component, you’ll see you’ve broken the first rule of Human UI: Don’t hook the output of a value listener into the input of a “Create” component. (even indirectly). Please review the example files here: Example Files

Every Human UI definition has the following parts:

  1. “Create” components, which initialize a UI element
  2. “Create Window” + “Add Elements” to instantiate the window and put UI controls in it
  3. "Value Listener"s to get values out of the interactive elements in the UI
  4. “Set” components, which can modify or update a UI element you already created.

Your problem (a common one!) is that you’re trying to do #4 with #1. Try initializing the “volume” readout with an empty / dummy value first and setting the actual volume value with a corresponding “Set” component.

@andheum: Is that what you are saying? (20.2 KB) !

@andheum: I am also trying to mention Maximum Value (Range) at the end of the slider and the current value at any point above the slider, How can I do that? the screenshot indicates the positions of these values.

Also, instead of being updated automatically when the inputs are changes, I want to place a button to update the output manually after manipulating the inputs. Is it possible?

Please guide me with my problems, I will be very much thankful to you!


@andheum: I have resoled the issue about the Max Value and Current Value of Sliders, Can you please help me in manually updating the output?

Here is a good strategy:

Thanks @andheum, It worked. Can you please help me with this problem?