InputCurve in GrasshopperStyle

Is there a solution that it can be selected when insert windows from curve if our STYLE is selected with grasshopper, the desired closeCurve is selected in the desired location, ؟؟؟؟
In the video below this work is done in 2 steps
1-Choice Curve, in which case the height is below the window to the ground, but the dimensions are wrong
2- Re-select the same CURVE from the window settings menu and modify window dimensions
I suggest or if it is possible now, how can we get the same as the window dimensions and window positions first by choosing Curve?
*@fsalla *

win input (30.6 KB) win omput curve.3dm (5.4 MB)
win input (3.3 MB)

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Hi @architect.civil5 this is a limitation of the openings created from GH styles. It’s not possible to use the “FromCurves” option for windows created in GH styles. The way you have done it is the way to go until we don’t enable this feature.