Input null to cull index get wrong result

cull index input null (8.5 KB)

When I give a “null” to the culling indices of cull index, the first item of the imput list was culled. In here, “null” equals to “0”.
Is this correct or it’s just a hidden bug?
I am doing something with anemone, when I set the “number of repeats” with “0”, it gets the wrong result, because there is a “cull index” in the loop.
Thanks in advance.

I am not sure I get it what you are saying but when you are calling an index out of a list, it’s become the only member of that list. So, it is given the first index {0}.

I would strongly advise to read what null means in your favotite coding language(*) . Also have in mind that nothing in VB is not 100% the same with null in C# : For instance in C# you can’t say list = list.Take(null).ToList(); Of course in the GH component shown is David talking (he interprets null as the default int value (0)).

(*) If this happens to be C# see attached. (125.4 KB)