"Input M must be made of meshes or list of closed polylines"

Hello everybody,

I do get an error message in my grasshopper script, and I don’t know how to fix it.
I am relatively new to grasshopper and wrote this script:
Shape4.gh (21.9 KB)

The error on the node I get is called “Weaverbird’s Picture Frame”. It says: “Input M must be made of meshes or list of closed polylines”

The script works when I don’t use the Node “Solid Intersection” between the “Voronoi 3D” Node and the “Deconstruct Preb” node. Here a picture:

I don’t know how to fix it and hope that someone can help me out and explain to me what I am doing wrong. Maybe you have some helpful links or videos. Thank you in advance!

Probably, you are giving curves instead of polylines. Use Discontinuity and construct a new closed Polyline.

Thanks for that fast answer! I am pretty new to grasshopper and I don’t know if I connected it correctly. When I connect it as I think it should be connected it doesn’t work. It now says “insufficient points for a polyline”: