Input image component doesn't work


I try to set sample along x and y, but error occurs. Does anyone know?
P.S. It is on mac version.

input image error.ghx (20.6 KB)

What version of Rhino for Mac are you using? I’m not able to reproduce that here in Rhino for Mac 6.24 (6.24.20079.23332). It’s working for me here.

What happens if you delete that component and replace it again?

Thank you for reply.
My is 6.24.
I tried many times, and every time is the same error.

Just making sure we’re not doing something differently here, Dan. This fails here as well as soon as sampling is attempted:
Skjermbilde 2020-04-17 kl. 12.18.41
Is that working on your side?
input image error - (8.6 KB)

Great @wim! Can you please log an issue for this and post the link to the issue here?

Hi - this issue was filed as RH-57997.