Input a VisualARQ Grasshopper Element Style Into GH Element Components?

I created some Grasshopper Element Styles and can use and manipulate them in the Rhino w/VisualARQ interface, but is it possible to feed the styles I created into the GH Element Components and use GH to create my multiple elements?


Hi Tomh! :slight_smile:

First you have to reference the Grasshopper Element Style you have created with an Element Style component, just right click over it and select “Set one Element Style”.
Then with the VisualARQ Set Property component you will be able to specify the values for the properties you have defined.


Checkout this video about how a beam created from a GH Style is used as a regular VisualARQ beam in GH.

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Thanks Ramon! I knew I was overlooking a component :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great product, I’m really enjoying diving into it. Cheers to the whole team in BCN.

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