Initializing brep in visual sutdio project


I have a series of breps in Rhino.
What I would like to do is somehow initalize geometry in code.
So that some goemetry would part of .dll

I am wondering if there are any samples to transfer geometry to .txt and then be able to take that txt and convert bact to rhino geometry?

Hi @Petras_Vestartas,

Does the Brep need to be in a text format? How about embedding a binary file in your project?

– Dale

Dear Dale,

No it is not necessary to be txt.
I do not know anything about binary files, if you could show me a sample it would good to learn.

I do undestand how to do this with meshes and C# as I can write to file vertex coordinates and mesh faces but when it comes to breps it is more complex for me.