Inhibit Grasshopper error messages (Potential Plugin Crash Protection)

Hello there,

due to some automation task I’m often restarting Rhino and Grasshopper from a script using
/nosplash /runscript="-grasshopper editor load document open _enter file.3dm"

Everything works okay so far. Though I do receive Grasshopper error messages (GH breakpoints etc) sometimes that I just can’t resolve. So they’re ignored and if Grasshopper becomes unresponsive, a background host application force quits and restarts Rhino and Grasshopper.

However, I wonder if there is a setting to rudely and forcefully inhibit Grasshopper error messages and warnings?

Specifically the “Potential Plugin Crash Protection” warning upon startup blocks my Grasshopper from being reloaded

Further there are the mentioned Grasshopper breakpoint messages, that I’d like to not receive, but that’s not soo important, as I can just keep ignoring those:

Does anyone know of a way or configuration to do that?


Hi Benjamin1,

Did you ever find a fix for this. I am experiencing the exact same issue.


I could think of various hacks to bypass this. For instance you can observe for windows poping up using user32.dll to close them automated. Another option is overriding default behaviour . At least Grasshopper is fully decompilable and therefore quite vulnerable for code injection/replacement.

This however is the wrong end to approach such problem in my oppinion. Actually catching errors on a superficial level is a good thing and shouldn’t be eliminated. Wouldn’t it be better to make a definition stable enough to not throw? What is causing this odd behaviour for you? If you deal with unpredictable computation time, then maybe some sort of precheck could warn you before even starting a heavy computation. Or maybe fully eliminating Grasshopper for static duties is another, much better option! In how many different definitions are you causing this error?

Just an example for using user32.dll: