Information about Breps

Hi guys!
I would like to learn everything about Breps:

  • What they are
  • What’s inside them
  • How they can be analyzed and edited
    Can you please suggest some links / books / whatever useful to find information?
    Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

There is an old post on similar discussion here

Also in terms of what all you can do with BReps can be seen in API documentation here

i hope these information helps you in what you want to achieve.

Hi @software_comas,

You might find this informative:

– Dale

Thanks @su.lwpac but I’m afraid those information aren’t what I’m looking for: I need something more detailed.
Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Thanks @dale
While the code gives some useful information, some other questions remain unanswered.
For instance, let’s say I have a Brep that contanis a single surface trimmed by 2 curves, how can I change the surface orientation using rhinocommon?
More generally, IMHO, I think that, due to the complexity and flexibility of Brep objects, some more detailed information about Brep analysis, creation and editing by code is necessary.
Thanks again! :slight_smile:

What does orientation mean to you? How would you do this with a Rhino command? Can you provide “before” and “after” geometry?


– Dale

That’s what I mean, @dale.
One of these surfaces is created by mirroring the other one. As you can see, white and red arrows point in opposite direction. I would like to change U or V surface orientation to make white arrows point in the same direction (outward).
Please note that, actually, both objects are of Brep type, and both can contain multiple surfaces.

Hi @software_comas,

Did you mirror this with the Mirror command or with your own code? If you used your own code, then you’ll want to flip the Brep, using Brep.Flip.

– Dale

Tanks, @dale!
Of course, it works. :wink:
Anyway, i’ll really appreciate some detailed information about Breps and their internal structure.
Thanks again!