Informal user meetup at Euromold 2015?

am visiting Euromold after gap of few years, anyone else visiting/exhibiting at Euromold? could be nice to plan an informal meetup if anyone else interested. Are any of the FIRM around (@Helvetosaur, @clement, @hifred, @Michael_Meyer…)?

Hey Raja,
Funny you should post this, I’m on the train to Zurich now, leaving early tomorrow for Düsseldorf - will be there only one day (Wednesday) with a colleague. Maybe find somewhere to meet during the day, we’ve got an 8pm flight back… If you don’t still have my phone, pm me and I’ll send it to you…

Hello Mitch,
great! I will be there tomorrow and the day after. I sent you a pm.

  • raja

Hi Raja,

sorry, I am not in Düsseldorf this year. Tell us how it was. With the move to Düsseldorf and much more new mold exhibtions in Germany, there seams to be a lot of competition nowadays.

Have fun


Hi Raja,

i am not there this year, sorry. Maybe next year, best wishes to everyone :sunny: