[INFO] Solving using legacy API

Flask always gives a message like
[INFO] Solving using legacy API: <HopsComponent /nca [seed,steps -> NCA -> nstep,colors]
Is there a more current API that I haven’t discovered?


What does your url look like in your hops component?

That is coming from here in the ghhops server code

My hops path is , I copied the url from the Flask output as in the Connecting Hops to CPython video.
Is there later documentation I should be looking at?

I’m not exactly sure. It doesn’t look like one technique really works any better than another. @eirannejad do you remember what we were trying to do here?

Hi Steve,

Suddenly, I have the same issue
[INFO] Solving using legacy API: …

and the hops become super slow. I have tried to restart my computer, but still not going anywhere.

I used Hops 0.15.5

We’ll need some more details to be able to help.