Inflate mesh with Curves as Constraints

I have a couple of questions about inflating a mesh with Kangaroo. I have been able to inflate a mesh using the pressure node and anchor the mesh points (by accessing them directly, as opposed to making new points that are in and around the mesh) to make something that is restrained at those points. Is it possible to use curves to act as constraints for the mesh, like a rope net constraining a balloon as it is blown-up? To get that pincushion effect with input curves (or it could be points along the curves that aren’t points that are part of the mesh).


Do the points have to be external to the mesh? If not, constraining the lengths between the specific vertices following your intended curve might approximate what you’re asking.

Hi, Ideally they would be external because then I wouldn’t have to subdivide the mesh as much. I figured out how to do it if I just get the closest point on the mesh to the curve-divided points and use that to anchor those points, but again I have to subdivide the mesh a lot so that there are enough potential points to be selected. I am thinking now that I just need to find a way to subdivide the mesh locally based on the curves and then just find those closest points. Then the mesh in between can still have a relatively small amount of faces, while the parts of the mesh that are close to the curves can have additional points. I seem to remember a way to do this, but I will have to look around to find it…