Inflatable Mesh?

Hello, I need to make a cushion. I saw a tutorial from 2009 but I cant find any of the options that he is using. Commands such as mesh properties, mesh pre-tension and pressure. I cant find any of those. Do these options exist or are the different? I would just build it but its hards to do a sofa back cushion that has an ear ( extends over arm ).

Link to referenced tutorial

That tutorial is using Rhino Membrane, so you need to own the Rhino Membrane plugin.

Other options are using Grasshopper with Kangaroo (it’s a plug-in in Rhino 5, but included in Rhino 6):

…or modeling it by hand with SubD modeling tools. There are a handful of tools for that in Rhino V7 WIP, but I don’t think you have yet any mesh modifiers like push/inflate, or if/when those will be available.

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Thanks! I see they have a new version too. Ive never had the time to mess with plugins and such. Except for vray. I do your basic wood and metal furniture. As well as upholstery sofas and such. Do you think I should try learning any of these plugins?

Nobody needs the Rhino Membrane plugin. Use SoftEditSrf command with FixEdges option to deform flat surfaces into the cushion. Make stitches with piped linetypes. Brian James explains how to make the stiches: