Individual cells from multiple curves

Hi guys, for some time I am trying to recreate La Voutede Le Fevre by matterDesign pattern, and I am pretty close to achieving this, the only thing I can’t manage to pull is creating individual cells from curves, so I can loft them with lower circle geometry and achieve this pattern so if anyone got an idea or willing to help.

LaVoutedeLeFevre pattern:

La Voû (26.3 KB)
La Voûte.3dm (497.7 KB)

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Generally it’s a good thing to upload files without too much information but in this case I think it will be difficult for someone to help you with just the ‘naked’ curves and circles you uploaded. What one usually does is manipulating the data that was used to create those curves.
in fewer words: too little information.

You can think as voronoi as a series of cones that grow and intersect eachother.
The intersections appears to be straight lines from top view IF the cones have all the same angle/slope.

You can do a similar construction by using ellipses with various angles (but probably better not too much different eachother).

This is just an idea.

Ok, thanks for the reply, I am posting another definition with more info, the full version of the script is way too buggy it won’t work every time because Voronax component causing troubles but I managed to bake the output of Voronax component, it has cell output but as you will see I did some tweaks on individual curves output, basically if I could somehow make structure of modified curves correspond to structure of cells that would do the trick but question is how? :slight_smile:

La Voû (45.0 KB)
La Voûte1.3dm (470.0 KB)

That is different approach then I used and I like it :slight_smile: can u please take a snippet of definition? or how do you grow cones from tip to the base and how do you trim them? This question may be trivial but I am new to grasshopper only using it for a month so every help is welcomed.