Indicator at command line for mesh repair?


I wish all the commands in the mesh repair panel could have an indicator at the command line when they are working. Currently I always wonder if Mesh repair has stopped working because it takes so long for large meshes to get checked or if any of the repair tools are used. Maybe a percentage readout or a message at the command line?

For example if I click check mesh and select a mesh there is no feedback at the command line to let me know the pick was successful and Rhino is working on the check command. A message after the selection would at least let me know the selection worked and the command is in execution.

Also a more graceful way to cancel any of the repair tools when the users hits the escape key would be welcome.

Is there a way to auto fix naked edges or a tutorial on fixing naked edges at the mesh stage?

This is a great tool for helping me check models for export that to go to RP.

(Brian James) #2

Thanks Roland for the suggestions. I filed both of these as feature requests, RH-21133 and RH-21134. These reports are not public at this time. I searched online for ‘Mesh Repair Rhino’ and found a number of interesting links. Some are video tutorials too but I haven’t checked them all out to recommend any. I would suggest the command FillMeshHoles as the fastest approach for fixing naked edges. Also type Mesh in the command line to see the auto complete list. There are a lot of options like MatchMeshEdge and Merge2MeshFaces for instance. The MeshRepair wizard combines the most common Mesh commands used in RP prep. If you have a particularly challenging repair we’d love to see it too at , if you can share it. Use if the mesh is huge please.


Thanks for the suggestions Brian and for adding the requests to the wish list.