Index out of range / Math range error when attempting E+ Simulation

Hey folks,

Day 2 of Rhino + Honeybee, and I’m losing my mind.

Getting close to running an E+ simulation, I started testing to see if the simulation would run and troubleshoot if not.

When I try to run it, I receive one of two errors:

  1. Index out of range.
  2. Math range error.

As far as I can tell, the geometry looks good. I’ve tried isolating various parts of the model to see if I can identify where the issue is, and it appears to be associated with every zone rather than isolated to one. This makes me wonder if perhaps E+ is trying to reference an attribute that hasn’t yet been assigned to the zones, but I can’t find anything indicating that’s the issue.

See attached for simplified Grasshopper file with the error.

I’m pretty desperate to get this resolved ASAP, so any help is greatly appreciated! (92.6 KB)