Index of Feature Requests From Jewelry Community

FlowAlongSrf RigidGroups In V6

Done in V7 WIP, but desperately needed in V6 for those not using the WIP

Lost the V5 ability to use groups with _FlowAlongSrf _Rigid=Yes

History on nth import

Use history enabled templates multiple times in the same file - shanks, prongs, 3D printing supports.

Allow History To Work With Ref Objects

Opens the door to a lot of history enabled workflows/templates.

Rigid Groups Are Skewed

RigidGroups doesn’t work like the V5 workaround (wrap in a _Block before flowing).

CurveThroughPolyline MergeCrv Option

Let _MergeCrv be a sub option in _CurveThroughPolyline to reduce clutter with symmetrical patterns.

BlendSrf Issues

A few small issues with _BlendSrf.

PreserveStructure Creates Periodic Srfs

Do a TSplines V3 like _FlowAlongSrf.

SelColor - SelPrev Cleared, Default Behavior

Matrix style one click to select layer.

Gumball Align To View (_DragMode _View)

Align gumball to view (TSplines gumball)

Done in V7 WIP
Rebuild: Supports History when Delete Input is unchecked

Let’s you rebuild a _FlowAlongSrf target without breaking history.

Done in V7 WIP
Add Normal Control to _Flow

This will give us history enabled stone layouts, which we can’t do with _FlowAlongSrf (no control over physical stone spacing and UV orientation) or _Flow (no control over normal orientation).

Requests I am still working on:

  • Arrays with Scaling Controls - Working on a general use funtion that lets us do tappered stone layouts with history.
  • Blocks - Long list of QoL improvements for working with blocks and history.

Add Normal Control to _Flow

Done in the latest WIP (7.0.20014)