Index of Edges are odd at Seam

I got a small problem.

After a loft I want all my deconstructed panels to have the same edge’s index numbers.
So each panel’s edge with index number 0 is the same edge on every other panel.
eg: Index = 0 → every left edge of each panel is selected

In my posted example below the edge index 0 gives - to me - weird selections - most likely jagged up by the seam? (see blue)

The Loft most to the right is what I think of as result. (15.6 KB)

I tested two ways I could think of, but both didn’t work out.
(In my GH-example the main shape is a circle, but it could be any other shape as well.)

I hope someone can explain my problem and give me a solution please.
Hope your are all well, greetings, blindapple :slight_smile:


There are so many possible ways to respond to this… I like to focus on the objective and keep it simple. (7.2 KB)

Thank you for your quick reply!

It is not about the shape - it really could be any 2d shape stacked in a direction.


PS: sorry for unreg. object - I will plreace the .gh-file with a similar resulting method (23.1 KB)

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Check this as well… (12.2 KB)

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Thank you @Joseph_Oster and @HS_Kim for both solutions!

Analyzed both and I could learn from them!

I gonna stick to Joseph’s solution - very interesting to see that workaround! Thank you very much!

Thanks to both again.