Incremental Saves

It would be incredibly helpful if the incremental saves could show a snapshot of what you are saving instead of going back to each save to see what it was…In other words a small pic of the interface at that juncture.

Hello - I am not sure I follow - where would this image show up and what would it tell you that is different from that you see in the viewport when you save?


Hi Pascal, it would not be different but like a preview of the incremental save as in matrix job bags. When you save incrementally in rhino it gives you a numbered sequence but not a preview of what was saved. I don’t think anyone remembers 35 incremental saves in a lengthy project.

Hi - when you save your file just prior to creating an incremental save, the preview in Windows Explorer will show you what was saved in the previous version.

So, let me understand this another way. You are saying if I save the file before I do the incremental save it will show in Windows explorer in picture format as to what the screen is showing at that point?
In other words, you have to save the file twice, once as a .3dm and then as an incremental save…Correct?



Hi Russ - Here, if I IncrementalSave, the file in Windows Explorer shows a thumbnail of the current viewport at save time… is what what we are talking about? You do not get the thumbnail?


I will check I haven’t worked on it just yet. Just trying to clarify