'incremental save' options on Mac as 'revisions' are not saved in Dropbox


Rhino for Mac moved to the ‘Mac’ style ‘revisions’ back in version 5 I believe.

So on Windows, I’d always used ‘Incremental Save’ to keep older versions of a file while working, just in case I needed to revert to an older version.

That’s fine if you only use one single computer, but if you use multiple computers (say you work from home a few days a week, or work on a file with a colleague), and share the files using dropbox, the ‘revisions’ auto saved by one computer, are not accessible to any other computer that opens up that file. If you look at revisions, there are none.

In commercial environments, I doubt there are many people not backing up, or sharing files with something like dropbox.

So I’m wondering, what are Mac users doing, that I’m missing?

Does anybody have a workflow for Mac they’d recommend for keeping a file history, but making it accessible to more than one computer?

Would be grateful to hear from the community.


Hi Barry - I do not know how mac revisions are handled in drop box type situations… that is a mac thing and not anything Rhino is doing as far as I know. In case it gives you hope, V8/WIP has a new SaveACopy command rhat will drop a copy of the file in its current state onto the disk to a new name, leaving the current file unchanged. (this seems (to me) to be much more useful than Incremental Save)