Incremental array of cirlces in a box

Hi, I’m somewhat new to grasshopper and i’m trying to do two different things with arraying.

  1. I’m trying to array circles within a box, but control the density in some areas.

  2. I want to do a incremental array of circles within a box


Edit: i’m trying to do something like this but fill the whole box in this way.

If I understand what you mean then you can do this easy with Pufferfish. (11.8 KB)

Actually a slight change after a second look at your image seems you want to stay in the rectangle (not from on edge), use the Parameter Rectangle Grid Cell output. (13.2 KB)

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cool, i’m lazy, that’s too much effort for me :grinning:

This is a great help, thanks so much

This also really helps, i’ll download pufferfish now, thanks

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