Incredibly exciting potential with the iPad app! Thoughts and suggestions

Yes, I did find that one.


One more wish, if I may :wink: :

  • a properties panel (like in desktop Rhino)

We have a version of this that isn’t as complete as the desktop Rhino but it’s a start.

  • Select an object
  • Long press with finger to get the context menu
  • Tap inspect


Perhaps this is already identified, but the UV coordinates are used on the iPad app. The image maps show up but look like they are scaled to extents rather per defined mapping.

Can you provide a file that’s doing this?

Happy to provide file. Can I email a Dropbox link directly?

You can privately send me the Dropbox link. Or you can upload it here:

I can reproduce this issue. We’ll have to investigate and put in a fix

I logged the issue here: RV-1161 Texture scaled to extents