Increasing the floor reflectance, the illuminance results stays the same

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I’m using diva + grasshopper to run illuminance simulations. The model has different floor materials for some rooms. In order to improve the lighting levels I tested different floor reflectances (brep named floor_testing) in some of the floors. For example, first I run a simulation with a floor reflectance of 30%, then with 50%. But the results were different from what I expected: instead of improving the level of illuminance, it remained the same or worse, decreased. Without changing any parameters in the simulation, just the floor material. I’ve had the same problem when running it only in Rhino+DIVA…

Any guess of what might be going on?

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MODEL_ILLUMINANCE.3dm (9.3 MB) (926.2 KB)

Hi Priscila - It’s probably best to ask this question on the DIVA forum:


Hi wim, thanks. I’ve posted this question on the DIVA forum one week ago, but its still awaiting for approval, thats why I came here. By the way, the last posted question in there was in Aug 14 :thinking:

Hi Priscila - that doesn’t sound too encouraging, no.
There are perhaps a couple of users on this forum who have used DIVA so who knows…
Looks like the Ladybug | Honeybee plug-in might be more popular?

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