Increasing offset distance

Good morning,

I’m trying to construct an offset of lines that gradually increases in distance, effectively creating a gradient. Construct Domain doesn’t seem to be giving me what I need. I also tried the Range component.

Any ideas? (8.6 KB)

IMO, you don’t have to use Offset.

Of course… the result of Offsetwould be the same. (11.2 KB)

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@HS_Kim thanks for this solution, this will be very helpful down the round, but I think a little different from what I am looking for.

I need to offset each line a distance between 0 and 2 in sequential order. I need to constrain the distances and keep the original spacing (currently set to 2") which is why offset seems to work well as I need them to overlap. (10.5 KB)

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Thanks @HS_Kim, that’s exactly what I needed. I was missing a few steps.

@Joseph_Oster Thanks, I like the Move approach too.

Making the DivLength ‘L’ input slider REAL instead of INTEGER is a nice innovation, eh? And the Loft (white group) is just the next logical step? Oh, and I internalized the two curves that were missing in your GH file.

Yes, but I need them to be hatches.