Increase thickness or weight of rendered dimension lines

I am rendering using Flamingo and then select > Post Effects > Wires & Text, to show my dimensions. I am using 150 PPI as the rendering setting.

The lines are very thin - see attached. How can I increase the thickness or weight of these lines so they are easier to see after rendering?

All dimensions are on their own layer. I have tried increasing the layer line thickness and searched for other answers but cannot find anything.

Thanks for any help!


You can explode the dimensions into geometry. That way you will have control over how it gets rendered.

Thanks for the idea Wim!

I gave that a shot and set the layer line style to a very fat 3MM line but it still renders as a thin line.

How do I get the dimension line thicker after exploding, if layers-line settings does not effect this?

After exploding the dimension the arrow head becomes lines only and is not “color-filled”, plus the dimensions are no longer editable.

I think this should be part of Dimension Styles just as the size of arrowheads, text-size, and other visual dimension properties are set/adjusted.


It’s up to the render engine how to deal with dimensions and curves. And the layer’s line settings are only for printing.

So the only way to control what you want is really to create geometry out of the annotations - even if that means that they are no longer editable. You can use Pipe on the curves and extrude the arrow heads and numbers into solids.
I understand that that is not an optimal solution.