Increase texture preview resolution?

Hey as I’m trying to match some of the patterns distorted textures with the adjacent pieces’ texture, Is there a way to get the resolution cranked up? Thanks for your insight!

Try this…

Doesn’t work

Can you post the mesh and the image texture?

@BrianJ posted the whole file, concerning section should be extended in view

Thanks for your help!


 I've been watching this thread with great interest as most of my design work is for yachts and depicting sails accurately is a big challenge. I take it that you are trying to divide the sail into panels for cutting and seaming and have the image map properly. I first thought that you were taking uneccesary steps and complications going to meshes but as I really don't know your final goal I will just watch. I downloaded the file you just posted and it the mapping onto the sail panels looks great. I see your seam overlaps and understand better now. I opened the file and then simply selected meshes and loaded the graphic file and the division across the many panels looks fine. Nice work and I hope this is what your goal was. Here is a screenshot of the file opened here.

How did you generate the actual sail geometry in the first place before you started ‘unrolling’ of ‘Smashing’ of the panels. Those Tri-radial panel layouts look like an awful lot of work and I hate to think of the waist of sailcloth but they sure set well in the breeze.

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well I got the geometry from the the sailmaker where I want to let them manufacture this sail. then I flattened and spring with ExactFlat (geometrically precise unfolding, no Rhino Smash) but it occured that the delivered DXF files for each panel where not 100% congruent with the flattend one for one strange reason, so as you might understand from the previous threads on this project, I had to find a way to fit the flatted textured into the original DXFs… I wanted to invest 1-2 days, and it took almost 1,5 weeks :smile:

The resolution of the mapped textures looks good here and appears to be the same as the source image when viewed at full size. Did you restart Rhino after the texture size change?

Maybe Rhino is only using the size checked in this dialog box, but my installation generates all 5 texture sizes in cache. For each polysurface. And if you happen to move the geometry, another 5 are generated. See:

Tell us more about your experiance with ExactFlat please. I’ve been asked to use them for unfolding but not sure what there process entails.

No i didn’t! Thanks for the info @BrianJ