Increase Rotation to 360 doesn't nest some elements

Hello @Petras_Vestartas @Petras1
How can I achieve a good result with large geometries when using 360 rotation? because some elements were lost. why this happen?

When combine freeform and rectangualr shapes, I think It would be beneficial if Rotation could accept up to 2 values ​​(the first value for any shapes and an optional one for rectangular shapes). or any idea to restrict the rotation of the rectangular shapes?

I did a manual nesting with this example, I would like to try your best result to try with more elements (similar shapes).
Thank you again Petras, for this awesome tool!.

T. (9.8 KB)
220610_te.3dm (353.0 KB)

I made two slight changes:

  1. Dropped ‘Rotations’ from 360 to 30.
  2. Increased ‘Iterations’ from 1 to 7.

I also deleted the ToPoly component as it isn’t necessary. (9.1 KB)

P.S. I suggest increasing the ‘Spacing’ value from zero to leave room for a cutting tool?
P.P.S. Given the size of your parts, a ‘Spacing’ value of 20 was needed before I could notice the gaps.

thank you @Joseph_Oster, well rotation to 360 ideally was to get better nesting like the manual, almost three sheets.

It’s also incredibly slow! And remember you need some spacing between the cuts.

With ‘Rotations’ = 90, ‘Iterations’ = 60 and the default ‘Seed’ = 1, I got this, which sure looks like it could easily be only four sheets instead of five.

Increasing ‘Iterations’ to 90, decreasing ‘Spacing’ to 15 and changing ‘Seed’ = 1, there is no improvement, yet time goes up from 56 seconds to 1.7 minutes!

It’s a little frustrating, the “nesting” could be better.

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