Increase line count in console window

I’m finding that plugins that generate a lot of debugging statements quickly fill up the console window. Is there are a setting somewhere to increase the line count of the console window? By default, it’s a little too short for me imho.

Just click the row over the menu tabs and drag up or down. Works well, I change it frequently.


I should clarify. I mean the number of lines within the console window that can be scrolled to (eg. 500 or more would be good for heavy debugging), regardless of how big the console window is.

Hi Dav- use CommandHistory (F2) for access to the full command history at once (I tihnk it may be 500 lines, not sure). Does that help?


It only shows the last (approx) 180 lines unfortunately. Much too limited for serious debugging imho. I currently have to log to an output file instead, but it would be more convenient to be able to see everything in the Rhino console.

Note, these logging statements have been generated using Rhino.RhinoApp.WriteLine().