Increase Height of Voronoi "Hills" based on an attractor curve

I am trying to create a landscape topography using the voronoi pattern. I have created an undulating delauny mesh, and am able to randomize the heights of the “hills” (the “hills” are created by moving the centre point of the voronoi cell in the z-direction). But, I need the centre points of the voronoi cells to be higher when they are closer to a specific curve. This must be possible! Please help. !

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Something like this? (14.3 KB)

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Yes, but I actually need to have more than one curve that acts as attractor/repulsor. I actually just need it to perform as a repulsor. Here’s the issue: I keep getting an error message with my delaunay mesh that says “insufficient points for triangulation. At least 3 points needed.” My hilly meshes all disappear! :frowning:

Actually, I think I solved it by flattening a list. But thanks @HS_Kim!