Increase hatch accuracy?

Hi, is there a way to avoid hatches getting polygonized?

You can see here how the brown hatch does not follow the red curve (which originated the hatch).

Hello- I believe that follows the document render / display mesh settings.


Hi Pascal, I thought so, but no change, even after remaking the hatch.

It is strange though, because a planar surface does display correctly…

I just tried it on a new document with Render Mesh Quality density set to 1.0 and this is the result:

Left Hatch, Right surface.

Here is the file!
hatch and srf.3dm (234.5 KB)

I think this is not new, but only when I work with subtle curves and hatches I notice it.

Today I was working on some architectural plans with offsets delimiting different materials on a pathway (vegetation, security perimeter, pathway, etc). And I thought all the hatches were wrong. I duped border and to my surprise they were all ok. Then I remembered this issue. It is not only painful aesthetically but you can imagine it also gives me a hard time working with it.

Edit: on further investigation, it looks like the mesh settings are affecting the surface but no the hatch… could this be it?

Any news on this @pascal ?

No, I need to check, thanks for the reminder - it clearly does not pay attention to the current mesh settings.
@ShynnSup - the setting is currently hard coded…
RH-67216 Hatch: Allow custom mesh settings

If you can post or send me via PM your examples, that would be helpful.


I’ve noticed this many times, but I always write it off as a graphical display issue. It’s a graphical line and the points should be what matters. Does McNeel have any concerns for yocto precision at 100000% zoom?



It is perceptible from quite a normal zoom value… Also, it is not only a matter of display when you can’t work properly because of it or you need to show your work live to clients who do not understand the limits of the software and thus think you can’t draw properly curved lines.

Cool! I posted the file in the OP, it is just a basic default template with a bunch of curves. I could look for other examples of actual work files if you need them!

This sound like bad news, care to explain? Does it mean it is hard to fix or maybe new code needs to be written to allow for the hatch to adapt to mesh settings?

Not hard to fix, no - it just means the meshing settings are currently locked in to some fixed numbers and not paying attention to any settings to which the user has access.


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