Increase diameter of multiple spheres simultaneously

I wonder if there is a way to increase the diameter of all the balls simultaneously (from 0.24 to 0.32 this case) keeping their position.

rivetti 0.24>0.32.3dm (10.9 MB)

BoxEdit can help, if available in Rhino - Mac version !??
Boxedit with options: Pivot Location = Center, Transform objects individually
…Or Grasshopper

Hi eddi
Yes, box edit (at least on Rhino wip) is present. I’ll try it right away. I have more than 12,000 balls to climb …

Good luck :smiley:

This really sounds like a job for Grasshopper or scripting. Would be a simple problem to solve (and a nice way to dip your toe into the world of algorithms and automation!).

@eddi @AndersDeleuran Unfortunately, I have to solve the problem today. The solution seems to be _BoxEdit, but I have not been successful for now. If I do not solve it I will have to manually scale each single ball …

0.25mm > 0.32mm what am I doing wrong?

Those aren’t actually spheres and some of them aren’t closed (I’m not sure if Rhino/Grasshopper let’s you reference the sphere type directly). Anywho, since they’re spherical Breps, their centroids are probably okay and we can generate new spheres instead of just setting their radius (which would be faster/cheaper/cleaner):

Uploaded the new spheres with radius = 0.32 here:

rivetti 0.24-0.32_BakedSpheresRadius0P32.3dm (1.6 MB)

Under BoxEdit -> Dimensioni x,y,z = 0,32
Does that help ?

Unfortunately no

Thanks for the help, but unfortunately I do not know how to use the grasshopper yet. I see you kindly put in the photo of the components, but I do not know how to do it.
Certainly with time and calm I will give a chance to Grasshoper.

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Here in Rhino v4 no problems,

I may be wrong (and I would be happy) but I suspect that Box Edit does not work correctly on Rhino Wip. If I enter the value 0.32 in the size field X, moving to the Y field disappears all the values. @pascal

I would use the Scale section in BoxEdit instead. 32/24=1.3333333… (in Windows Rhino you can enter 32/24 directly in the edit box and it will calculate)

Enter that value in all three X, Y and Z scale boxes. Make sure pivot location center is checked in all 3 axes as well as “transform objects individually”.

Otherwise, you can also use this script - doesn’t need BoxEdit or GH, runs in MacRhino 5… (1018 Bytes)


Thanks Mitch. I finish pasta with tuna ^^ and then try again

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Sounds better than my sandwich in front of the computer…

12K objects may take awhile, so you may also need an espresso :coffee: while waiting for it to calculate… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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@Helvetosaur I think there is something that does not go here. If anyone can try on Rhino Mac Wip and verify it would be great.

OK, sorry, no Mac here to test today. Try the script maybe in the meantime. --Mitch

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@eddi @Helvetosaur @AndersDeleuran I discovered the problem … it’s called Simon (Me). Instead of typing 0,32 (with the comma) I typed 0.32 (with the point). I apologize to everyone.