Incorrect visualisation of 3D model


I am uploading this GH definition to ShapeDiver but the 3D model visualization is different from what I see in Rhino7.

Basically it seems the shapes lose points coming from a polyline, so the final shape in ShapeDiver is simplified.

I am running a trial Designer license (I though the issue was related to the Rhino6-7 compatibility).

Please let me know, bests.

Hi Alessandro,

After you started the Designer trial, did you switch your account’s server from Rhino 6 to Rhino 7? This can be done from your account’s settings. Once done, please reupload your model.

Dear Ezequiel,

I switched the account server to Rhino 7 and uploaded the GH file again.

Now it seems to work correctly. Thanks.

Fantastic! I hope you keep enjoying your Designer trial. Please remember to thoroughly review our documentation, video tutorials, and even other questions/answers in this forum.