Incorrect link on developer docs page

– points to “old” python forum, which hasn’t existed in years…


It’s great that you’re taking the time to check this stuff out and request a cleanup. Apparently no-one at McNeel does.

Do they pay you a salary for this? They should.

Well, I actually do use this stuff… I just report what I find.

In McNeel’s defense, a lot of this stuff has been ported over to the new “centralized location” from various other sources (such as the Wiki), some of it has been done in a semi-automated way, and not all the outdated stuff gets caught.

On the other hand, moving to the “centralized location” has inflicted quite a lot of collateral damage, the result bring the Help is not nearly as helpful as it was in the past and a number of the simple articles on macros and the like for people who are not looking to become programmers have become lost or buried in the developer doc format.


Hi @Helvetosaur,

If you refresh your browser in about 15 minutes, this page should be updated.

– Dale