Incorrect convert of Text to Curves (TextOutlines )

Hello Guys

I have a problem with the Ngon plugin node. Node for converting text to lines. Text for LaserCutting or Milling
From a certain point, for some reason, the lines drawn by the node became very broken and not suitable for processing for production.

This problem does not occur on all computers and on different versions. I could not understand the pattern. It appears as on rhinoceros 6 and 7

Hi Alex -

If the text and objects are far away from the world origin, you might want to try moving everything closer to the origin before converting to lines.
If that’s not the issue, perhaps @Petras_Vestartas has more ideas or questions.

This is intended behaviour. As minimal points for old laser cutters.

If you want font specific or smooth curves use OpenNest text component.


Given the opportunity: I’m not familiar (at all) with what ngon is/does … but if you want a C# that does Text (any Font in your system) to Polylines/Curves, notify. If on the other hand you are not in the coding thingy … well … this may be a bit useless to you.

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Which font are you using? Have you seen the SLF-RHN Architect font in the Engrave annotation styles?


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Petras Thank you very much for the answer, I tried Opennest, but he has problems on Reno 6 that he overturns the plan and he does not have settings for the position of the text in the plan
front nods1

Peter, can you please share this component? :grinning:

I am using the font Мecsoft_font-1

Please tell me where you need to make these settings that you gave above?

These are annotation styles and you find the settings in the Options under Document Properties / Annotation styles.

To create text and bake sometimes over and over again I’m using Elefront.
This might be something to consider should you work with large data sets.

I think you did not set the planes correctly.

It works here:

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I’m not in the practice any more (today is the National Day) and I’ll be back this Monday. Pics posted are found in some sort of pic-archive (LOL) - also available at home . Cross fingers that I can figure out the workstation/partition/directory/name of that C# thing (among 50+ K available). Here’s the 3rd pic found on that matter (meaning that must be more than one version of that C#):

BTW: are you familiar with C# ?