Incorrect calculation by Opennest, is any limit in the calculation?

Hi, I am using the Opennest_133 to calculate the required cutting tiles in a room. It’s really interesting because it can show very detailed results. Many thanks for the development of the plugin.

However, sometimes this calculation works, but sometimes something goes wrong.

Figure 1 shows the correct calculation and the floor tiles that need to be cut appear in the correct positions (both in the tiling room and display area).


Figure 2 & 3 shows the incorrect calculation. Some of the floor tiles appear directly inside the room rather than in the display area. The wrong calculation also led to the wrong results, as the required tiles were directly ignored by the incorrect display of the tiles.


I tried a lot of different rooms and took three of them as representatives, which are shown in Figure 4. Room 1 and room 2 will have this problem, and Room 3 will calculate correctly.


This error is more common in larger rooms. I suspect the number of tiles has exceeded some upper limit, but in fact, the number of tiles in room 3 is also quite high. I was very confused :(.

Really hope to get help. Thanks in advance.

RH _mcneel.3dm (88.4 KB) (29.9 KB)



Essentially your problem was in using a sheet size that is exactly the same size as goemetry. So you need to decrease the tolerance in opennest or scale up the sheet size.

Considering you are nesting a long of elements I updated the OpenNest
So that there would not be a sheet size limit:

For the sake of speed I would nest only convex hulls.

Your updated file: (62.0 KB)

And do not use spacing 0, give at least small value 0.001.

Thanks very much!!!

Problem solved, great!!