Incorrect alias

In Options>Aliases, the alias AdvancedDisplay maps to ! _OptionsPage _AdvancedSettings

Both wrong, first the target no longer exists in V5 (so this is a really old bug) and nobody refers to AdvancedDisplay anymore either…

Funny, you can’t simply delete the alias, it keeps coming back. Another one of those hard-coded defaults… You can however change the target to _OptionsPage _DisplayModes, but I would prefer that the alias AdvancedDisplay be eliminated entirely, perhaps replaced with DisplayModes.

Edit: I also have another alias, DisplayAttrsMgr that points to the same ! _OptionsPage _AdvancedSettings target, probably also left over from V4. This I can delete and it doesn’t come back, but it’s in there in the default set of aliases, at least here…

thx, --Mitch

Hi Mitch- thanks, I’ll check on this.