Inconvenience of Show command not showing geometry in Locked layer

I don’t know what you guys think, but recently I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out where my geometry went after hiding it.

I was typing show frenetically and it wouldn’t show. I thought I had deleted it without realizing it.

I finally figured out the layer was locked and so show command was not showing the geometry on that layer.

I think the command should always show the geometry… whether the layer is locked or not.

I simply hid some geometry from a layer while letting the rest on display, but locked the layer to not select the remaining geometry while working. I then wanted to show everything again. I don’t want to unlock the layer and the type Show and then lock the layer again. Why should I unlock a geometry to display it? Visibility and selection are two separate attributes for a reason.

Hello- That makes sense to me - I need to ponder a bit more to see if I can find anything bad that might happen but I think that is a good idea.

RH-67009 Show: Show hidden objects on locked layers


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So if objects were Hidden AND Locked (locked layer or locked object), they would be Shown, but still remain Locked?

Yes, that, I think.



If you’ve Hidden an object, you can’t select it to Lock it, and if it’s Locked, you can’t select it to Hide it.

This might only make sense at the Layer level where you can do both.

But would this mean when I hit show/selected, I get everything? I know there are times you might want that…that’s the point of the request here…but there would also be times you would definitely not…

I think you have Show Selected for that.

But honestly I would be ok with Show overriding just Layer lock (showing the object but keeping the layer locked), and not selection lock.

I will just have to remember to run Unlock and then Show when things are not appearing.

But we already have to remember a couple things, for example: remembering that a left to right selection over an object will not select it if that object is part of a bigger group. So no biggy really.

+1 on “Show” working on hidden objects that have their layers locked. I ran into this “where are my hidden objects” issue many times as well, especially on complex files where the layers get locked after hiding object and then it’s hard to find these in a deep layers structure.

Rhino currently prints a vague message when there are some “unshowable” objects, due to their layer off or locked state:
All hidden objects are on layers that are off or locked. Use the "Layer" command to turn these layers on.

or if some can be shown but some are locked, Rhino says how many objects are “unshowable”:
3 hidden objects are on layers that are off or locked. Use the "Layer" command to turn these layers on.

My preference would be to just show them if the layer is visible, even if it’s locked.

Maybe alternatively Rhino could show a more elaborate popup window, if this situation happens for the first time in a session:
“Some hidden objects are on layers that are locked”

  • show objects on locked layers
  • keep hidden objects on locked layers hidden
    don’t ask again in this session
    remember and don’t show this dialog again

Obviously there would be a need to bring back this dialog or set the preference in Advanced Options.

my 2c