Inconsistent SDDataOutput

We are facing a problem with inconsistent data outputs with a component “ShapeDiverDataOutput”. We have a couple of components that provide the data for our UI. Our problem is that even after “EVENTTYPE.SUBSCENE_PUBLISHED” the “SDDataOutput” are still empty. Our fix was to give more time but sometimes there could be a 5 s delay or nothing.

Is there a way to have all data at the same time?

Edit: The behavior is random even on the same scene, sometimes data come immediately, with delay or nothing.

Do you mean that after waiting for the SUBSCENE_PUBLISHED event and trying to get the contents of your data output component, you still have to wait before those contents are updated? I am not aware of this issue and I rather suspect a javascript code issue with asynchronous functions. Would it be possible to share a minimal code example (for example on codepen) that shows the issue?