Inconsistent curve/line calculations?

Hi Folks,
I have a honking huge grasshopper file with a lot of settings, and I find many of them mysteriously break the whole thing. I’d previously learned the trick from this forum of changing the document tolerance, and that sometimes seems to fix it, but I’m starting to suspect that sometimes it’s not the tolerance at all and just recalculating the same thing gives me a different result. Here’s an example:

Here’s some text that’s supposed to say ‘Nov 2020’

Date Broken

Here it is after recalculating with no changes.
date correct

Is this normal? Any hints about what’s going on?

Bit of a problem, nobody can help you without seeing your honking big file, and probably nobody wants to debug a honking big file. Is there any chance you can reduce the file to just show this one problem?

I can give it a whack (it’s part of my job after all), but if I can’t reproduce the problem it may well end there.

Would I be right in thinking those text curves are the result of some spacemorph deformation like flow or bend?

Was afraid you’d say that. I was hoping there was some known behavior with a known work around. Thanks anyway.

A possibility is that some component is changing the tolerance before the text curve logic runs. If that component doesn’t run again during subsequent solutions (unless you press F5 that is) it will result in a somewhat haphazard outcome.