Inconsistency render with cycles and Rhino render of grasshopper objects

First thing, it is a new thing for me that grasshopper geometries are rendered when non baked. On purpose or not ?
Second thing there are 2 inconsistencies between cycles and render, the floor plane (min height or 0 height) and the colors depending on the selections. On purpose or not ?

@nathanletwory did you see this?

The ground-plane is due to incorrectly calculated bounding box from Grasshopper side. The colors are indeed based on selection in Grasshopper. Those colors are the ones drawn by the Grasshopper overlay conduits.

Ideally grasshopper would only push custom render meshes to the render engine and not do any drawing itself when Raytraced mode is used.

These things are what we need to hash out together with @DavidRutten and @andy fairly soon.


Grasshopper handles the event that Zoom Extents uses to figure out the size of the model boundingbox, you’ll need to take that into account.

How can I tell?

I get information directly from the real-time changequeue, the central part of the real-time pipeline that handles all events from the doc/viewports and provide them in a clear way to render engine. If the ground-plane shows up wrong then either grasshopper doesn’t take bounding boxes of its own custom meshes into account (they need to be added to the scene bounding box), or the changequeue is missing some bits in handling custom render meshes.

I’m not familiar with the mechanism here, but you’d only provide the custom render meshes, but not draw those in any of your conduits. Perhaps @andy knows if this is already possible. If it isn’t we need to make it so.