Inconsistant exposure/brightness

When changing the material for one object, the brightness of other objects are effected. In the first image, the top looks as it should. Change to a darker cabinet and the top appears too light. A lighter cabinet and the top appears too dark. Is there a way to prevent this?

Flamingo is adjusting the exposure for each rendering.
I think you need to lock the exposure.
Here’s a couple links to discussions about it:

Thanks John,

That is what I needed, but it only seems to work with the render command. Is there a way to lock exposure when batch rendering?

I pretty sure there is but I don’t use it enough to remember.
@scottd will know.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have not been able to find anything that works.

The locked exposure settings are being used when batch rendering here so I’m not sure what we’re doing differently. Here’s my workflow to get around the auto-tone mapping that nXt does:

  • Render with one material combination

  • Render with the second material combination

  • Adjust the image settings, lock the exposure and close the render window. In that order.

  • Batch Render using the document settings

Does that help?

Thanks Brian, that is what I tried.
This image will look the same way rendered with the dialog, batch, or farm, exposure locked or unlocked. I render this one and lock exposure.

If I change layer visibility to reconfigure the product, the exposure still changes slightly. (Top and bowl have become slightly darker)

Run as batch render and the exposure looks the same, as if this configuration were run with the render dialog with exposure unlocked. The top is much darker, bowl is slightly darker.

If I render again using the render dialog, exposure is still locked and the result is the same as the second image.

It looks like my best option will be to include the first configuration in a template. I can render and lock exposure, then use script to load other models, change materials and layers, and render each configuration. The exposure still changes a bit, but it may be close enough.

Is there a way load/set an exposure profile programmatically? My goal was to create a process or tool that would allow a user to import a model from our CAD system, then render in different materials with predictable results. So far it does not seem possible, since I cannot have the tone of one component change bases on the material used for another component.