Including a Light in a Block Definition

O. P. here. Hear hear.

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Lights im Blocks, please! Thank you!!
Stumbled over this recently again…


Yep once again +1ing this, Unfortunately yet another Rhino version is released with little to no improvement in block instance functionality. This is such an integral part of my workflow that i have to keep using clunky script workarounds :((


+1. please and thankyou

Yes, please. It make things so much easier.

I’ve been nagging the forums with this for the past few days haha. Come on , Mcneel, it’s been 5 yrs since this problem has been issued. This would be so helpful in lighting design.


Lights is something that I would also like to see in blocks. It will fasten up the workflow with selmade libraries.

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+1 on this one, just had an issue with the broken light in a linked block.

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+1 From me also, huge pain

Just to support Wim, a handful of votes from my workgroup :slight_smile:
With the growing functionality of e.g. Enscape, Twinmotion, Unreal, this might come in very useful.

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+1 here

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+1 Please!

I want lights in blocks - would make one happy interior designer!

I want it too…