Include Python libraries in script

Hi all,

I need to include some Python libraries in a script that I´m trying ot upload to Shapediver. The way I use them so far is importing them via GH_CPython, which is not yet allowed by Shapediver.

What is the best way to implement these libraries in the script so that it is accepted by the Platform?

The libraries are:


No one knows how to work around this, or if it will be supported any time soon?

So far I’m stuck here:

My Shape Diver account is rafael.alonso90.
I’m testing the service, which is really promising but I need this feature or a work around this limitation.

Installing Python libraries is currently not supported for free and PRO accounts. This is one of the limitations of the platform and you can use only the standard GhPython component. If you are interested in an Enterprise account which provides more flexibility and allows a custom set up, please contact sales via the contact form at

Other options are to re-create functions you need with the native Grasshopper components or check the supported plugins for functionality you need.

Could you tell me what are you trying to achieve? What 3D app you want to build? I would like to know more about your use case.

thanks for your reply @pavol.

An enterprise account is beyond our scope for now, unfortunately.

I´m trying to create a small webtool, for my team to create perceptually uniform colour scales using the CAM02-UCS color space via Colorspacious python library. Grasshopper/Rhino help a great deal to trace trajectories in this color space that are then translated to color gradients.

So far it would only be an internal prototype but at some point we might make it public and perhaps monetise it. If we go down this route and the prototype works we would look at the PRO account, since it would not reach the scale needed to justify an Enterprise account.

I´ve seen you are currently going under a big transformation with the merger with Swarm from TT, congratulaitons for that.
Is there any feature in the pipeline that could help for this case?

While we want to provide our users with features they need, extended colour conversion functionality is not currently in our product backlog. Support for external Python libraries is also not considered at the moment as we are working on implementation of Swarm and other features. However, you can post your suggestion below and if there is a positive response from the community we will give it a go.

Ok, I understand. Opening up external Python libraries would come a long way for additional user cases, but I understand it can cause trouble in your servers.

I´ll add it to the suggestions, thank you. Any passers by interested in the feature, please upvote :slight_smile: