Incidence matrix in Grasshopper

Hello! I am new in grasshopper and have very little knowledge of this topic, but now I need your help because I cannot solve my problem myself. I have created a tensegrity structure in a grasshopper, but now I need to create several matrices for the calculation. The first is the incidence matrix, but in my case this matrix will contain over 12000 elements. Please tell me it is possible to automate this process because it is almost impossible to do it manually. Maybe there is a plugin or method that will help me in this situation

Not 100 % sure but I think the topologizer by @DanielPiker might be helpful.

Thank you! downloaded the topologizer, it looks like what I need, the links between the model elements are displayed. but the main question is not resolved, how to convert this data into a matrix?

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Where do you want to use this matrix? is it to export to some external software?

yes, I thought to export the matrix to MathCad and there make the main calculation for form finding.

You could make a simple csv file with the standard Grasshopper text components and text panel (you can right click and stream or copy the contents to an external file).
For more export options to other formats a plugin might help, but which one will depend on what format MathCad needs it in.

if I understand correctly, in this way I export the initial data for the matrix and not the matrix itself, or did I misunderstand you?