Inaccessible link

Somehow we’ve got a new ‘topic’

This Topic category has been around for about a year. Are you not able to see the posts?

Not able to see the posts, and when I check Iray I get something like 404. The Iray link has redisappeared here.

Weird… I just “impersonated” you in the forum and can see the iRhino3D posts. Have you tried another browser or net connection? I don’t see anything on your user details that might cause this either.

Well, that explains why/how I was logged out. Never used a diff browser or email. And still the Iray tag is missing. It only appeared once…

Sorry for logging you out, I know that’s a little creepy but I wanted to see through your eyes… okay I just made it creepier.

I’m using Chrome here.

It looks like the iRay topic is now a sub-category to the Rendering topic.